Estill at a Glance

How does it work?

The complete program is comprised of two levels.

Level One (three days) focuses on the parts of the anatomy on which you can consciously gain control to alter your vocal sound (Larynx height, True Vocal Folds Body-Cover, False Vocal Folds, etc.). You will learn how to train your voice using the 13 basic Figures created by Jo Estill through her research.

Level Two (two days) will combine the basic Figures learned in Level One to produce six voice Qualities (Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera, Belting). These Qualities will help you better understand and experiment with the unlimited vocal capabilities available within yourself, while abiding by the best practices for a healthy and resonant voice.

The educational approach is highly diversified and free from any aesthetic biases. Scientific voice concepts will be taught (anatomy, physiology, acoustic) using documents, videos, sound clips as well as the VoicePrint Plus software (a spectrogram to actually see your sound graphically) throughout the course to enhance the learning experience.

Each new concept will be put into practice: first with the entire group and then during supervised hands-on workshops held several times a day to test out the new acquired knowledge in smaller groups for a more personalized experience.

Time will be put aside at the end of the day for individual coaching (Master Class) along with a professional accompanist (or using your own playback on a USB key). This is an opportunity for participants to present a part of a piece, a speech therapy case, a lecture or a theatrical excerpt on which they would like to work on.

You will receive the workbooks (one per level) as well as an anatomic model of the larynx made with articulating paper.

You will also receive a certificate for your participation (bearing a unique number and signed by the instructor) upon completion of the course.

What Is It About?

Estill Voice Training™ is a comprehensive model to train and understand all the mechanisms of your voice. This course offers precise and detailed information on the anatomy and vocal physiology. You will learn all about the anatomic structures used to produce and alter sounds, as well as their functions and potential interactions with each other.