Estill Voice Training à l'Université de Moncton, NB

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Once you have completed your registration here, you will need to confirm your registration on the Estill Voice International website (EVI) and buy your Workbooks here: 

Step 1: Enter your personal infos (address, etc).

Step 2: Accept EVI's Terms and Conditions.


You will have to choose to buy either the paper version in your choice of language (delivered to the instructor and handed out on day 1 of the course) or non-printable PDF version in your choice of language that you will get immediately.

Step 4: Once the course is completed, print your Attendance Certificate and have access to a 10% discount code on Estill material during a week.

Note that we encourage you to have a paper copy that will allow you to take notes during the course. We will not be able to supply electricity to the devices (computers, tablets, phones) of all participants. There will be no tables in the classroom.


Dates: July 10-14, 2019

Schedule: 8:30 am (Day 1) / 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily

Venue: Salle Neil-Michaud, Université de Moncton (campus de Moncton)

Pavillon des arts (MAR), 11 Allée des arts
18, avenue Antonine-Maillet, Moncton, NB, E1A 3E9, Canada

50.00$ discount on early bird registration before May 1st, 2019

150.00$ student discount on early bird registrations before May 1st, 2019. Before registration, students must send proof by email ( of their school attendance by sending a picture of their students ID card as well as the name and email of one of the responsible teachers of their school. Once their student status isconfirmed, they can registrer and pay for the course.

Registration deadline: June 1st, 2019

Note that the minimum age for taking this course is 17 years old

See refund policy at the bottom of the form

To access regular rates and avoid Paypal fees, registration payments will be made by e-transfer to the email Payment must be made at the same time as registration, otherwise the place is not reserved. For any other type of transfer, please contact Julie CImon Racine at the same email. Payments made via Paypal will include a 3% fee

Organizers : Julie Cimon Racine, Lisa Roy and Huguette LeFrançois

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Paiement du cours

50.00$ discount before TX on early bird registration before May 1st, 2019 150.00$ student discount on early bird registrations before May 1st, 2019

Paiement Paypal

Paiement Interac®

TARIFS virement Interac Desjardins : effectuer le virement à et communiquer la réponse de sécurité par courriel.

  • Le paiement complet confirme l’inscription. Un reçu de paiement vous sera remis lors du cours.
  • La taxe est incluse dans le prix d'inscription.
  • Les chèques ne sont pas acceptés.
  • Politique de remboursement en cas d’annulation par le participant: 10% du montant total sera retenu si annulation 2 semaines avant le cours. 50% du montant total sera retenu si annulation passé cette date.
  • Le participant est responsable de son hébergement.
  • Des collations sont offertes matin et après-midi durant le cours.
  • Repas du midi : vous pourrez apporter votre lunch ou profiter des restaurants à proximité du lieu du cours. Notez que la période du dîner est d’une durée de 1h.
  • Un message d'informations supplémentaires vous sera envoyé une semaine avant le cours.