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Estill Voice Training Level One and Two (Online – Montréal time)

Date: Jan. 20-21-22. and Feb. 3-4-5, 2023

Level One: Jan. 20-21-22 and Feb. 3rd, 2023

Level Two: Feb. 4-5, 2023

Time: 8:30am to 3pm daily

Presented by: Julie Cimon Racine, EMCI-TP

Registration Deadline: Jan.1st, 2023

Registration link for details and payment:

Learn Estill Voice Training Level One and Two over 2 weekends of 3 days each

Course presented online on Zoom.

**Registration to both levels required.


This course is for everyone:

professional or amateur singers of all stylistic backgrounds,
choir director,
actor, comedian, narrator, humorist, dubbing, etc.
vocal coach, singing teacher,
speech and language therapist,

Estill Voice Training Level One and Two is a complete model for training your voice and understanding all its mechanisms. You will find in this course precise and detailed information on anatomy, physiology and voice acoustics. You will learn which anatomical structures are used to produce and modify sound, as well as how they function and the possible interactions between them.

The pedagogical approach is  varied and free of any aesthetic bias. Scientific notions about the voice will be transmitted through documents, videos, sound clips, anatomical models and the Estill VoicePrint Plus software (a spectrogram that allows you to see the graphic illustration of your sound) that are used throughout the course to enhance presentations.

Most importantly, each new concept is immediately put into practice: first with the whole group, and then in supervised small group workshops several times a day, during which you will be able to experience the material taught in a more personal way.

During the day, you will have the opportunity to speak or sing during individual coaching sessions in front of the group (Masterclass), a time when participants can volunteer to present a segment of text or song in which the Estill toolbox will be put into practice. Question periods are imbedded throughout the day.

You will need to purchase Level One and Two Workbooks in PDF format (printable) which you will receive immediately (one for each level) before the course when you complete your registration on the Estill Voice International website. Please note that paper workbooks are not available for online courses. A Make & Move anatomical model of the larynx to build will be sent to you by email before the course as well as handouts.

At the end of the course, the instructor will validate that you were present during all presentations and in all small practice groups. You will then have access to your Certificate of Attendance, which you can print and which is the only valid certificate for Estill certification.


*Registration to both levels required

**Note that Taxes apply to Canadian Citizens only

Regular:  $836 CA + tx (2 payments of $418 CA + tx)

Student rate (25 years old and under)/Returner (proofs required): $627 CA + tx (2 payments of $313.50 CA + tx)

*Proof: once your payment is made below, please contact Julie Cimon Racine ( to provide her with proof of your full-time student status (student  ID) in theater, voice or speech therapy or your required Level One and Two  Certificate if you are a Returner.


Refund Policy

In the case of cancellation by the participant, the following refunds will be offered:

4 weeks or more before the course = 90% refund

Between 4 and 1 week before the course = 25% refund

Between 1 week and the day of the event = no refund (under any circumstances, including illness).

In case of cancellation by La Voix Dynamique, a full refund will be given.

This refund policy is subject to change without notice.


Registration on Estilll Voice + purchase of Workbooks at Estill

You must also register with Estill Voice and pay for your participant workbooks/teaching resource fees by following this link:

Workbook/Teaching Resource payment ($70 USD) is mandatory for new and returning participants and are non-refundable. Only PDF versions of the Workbooks are available for Online courses.

Estill VoicePrint software (non-refundable) is optional to take this course.


Payment to La Voix Dynamique

If you choose to pay monthly, you will only receive a receipt after your first payment.

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