Who Is It For?

Whether you are a speech therapist, phoniatrist, singer, chorister, choir director, comedian, vocal coach, voice teacher, lecturer, or simply want to learn more about on this fascinating instrument, your voice, this course is for you!

This course is for everyone who uses their voice, all fields combined..

Do you recognize yourself in these?

  • I would like to control my breathing better;
  • I often run out of breath before the end of my sentence;
  • My voice sometimes seems to fade;
  • I sometimes have trouble being heard;
  • I am often asked to lower my voice/singing;
  • I have a classical background and I would like to do pop, R&B, etc.
  • I have a pop-jazz background and I would like to do classical;
  • As a comedian, I need to create voices for my characters;
  • My voice does not carry as much in my lower register;
  • I sing songs from musical Theatre and I would like to change the tone of my voice to match the role;
  • I often feel my throat tightening when I sing a high note;
  • There is air in my sound, and I would like my sound to be purer;
  • I am a classical singer and teach young people who would like to do pop;
  • I have trouble maintaining a consistent sound;
  • I would like to understand and control my Passagio;
  • I am a choir director and would like to help my choristers blend better;
  • My voice is breathy, too piercing or frail;
  • My voice gets tired quickly, I would like to have more stamina;
  • I would like to sing higher but my voice breaks;
  • I would like my voice to carry more;
  • I am told that I have a nasal sound; I don’t know how to correct that;
  • I have nodules and would like to re-educate my voice;
  • My voice changed over the years, I would like to regain control;
  • There are gaps in my vocal range;
  • I often lose my voice;
  • My voice is not stable;
  • My voice breaks and shakes when I speak in public;
  • I would like to have more agility;
  • My vibrato is too slow (or too fast);
  • I would like to be able to keep notes and sentences longer;
  • I sing in a choir and would like to develop my voice as a soloist;
  • I worked on my voice with a speech therapist and would like to understand it better.