Estill Voice International offers a clear and well-structured certification process to those looking for training opportunities and graduating in order to teach the EVT Model. All Estill certified trainers must complete a multi-step process and successfully write exams that are standardized across the world.

Download the document “Certification at a glance” to find out all the details of the procedure and contact us to discuss your project! We will guide you every step of the way to achieve your objectives.

Download the document “Certification Manual Version 5.1”.

Please note that our Certification pathways can take place online or in presence.

EFP (Estill Figure Proficiency)

EFP (Estill Figure Proficiency)

Prerequisite: completion of Level 1 and 2 Estill Voice Training with a certified instructor EMCI at least once.

This certificate confirms the ability of the candidate to execute the Estill Figures and Qualities at the basic level. The EFP training will enable you to integrate the exercises physically and to confirm your Attractor State. Our team will accompany you in person or on line towards the completion of this first certificate.

EFP is a prerequisite to obtain the certified trainer EMT designation.


Preparatory online courses for Estill EFP Certificate

(Payments from Canadian residents are made via Interac transfer or e-transfer at no cost. Payments from European Union residents are made via PayPal and include fees).

1. Preparation to voiceprint exam of the EFP Certificate

Thank you for choosing La Voix Dynamique to help you with your Estill Voice Training EFP Certification project!

Step 1: First, contact a coach from La Voix Dynamique (names and emails are below) to talk about your project. They will explain the process and confirm the cost, after which, you will both agree on the schedule and frequency of your sessions.

The prerequisite to commit to the preparation leading to an EFP Certificate is to have completed at least one EVT Level 1 and 2 courses presented by an EMCI as well as holding a Certificate of participation as evidence.

It is important to review the scale and the limits of this certification level before starting the work. Review the corresponding sections in the Certification Manual 5.0 and in the document “Certification at a glance” available under the Certification tab on the site.

Be aware that it is impossible to know the number of sessions required for this preparation ahead of time as it will depend on the time spent on your personal work and capacity to produce adequately the Figures and the Qualities required under the Voiceprint protocol of this exam. Your preparation can span over a few months to one year, based on several factors. Your coach will tell you when you are ready.

When you are ready to start your training, your coach will send you an Agreement Letter to sign, which will confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions as well as the cost associated with this project.

Technical Components

You must install the Voiceprint Plus Program before the first session with your coach. Make sure you have the appropriate sound card and a stable Internet connexion. A good quality headset microphone is recommended for optimal sound.

Download the free Zoom software that we will use for the individual sessions: www.zoom.us

2. With which coach will you work?

Julie - julie@lavoixdynamique.com
Karine - karine@lavoixdynamique.com
Marie-Catherine - marie-catherine@lavoixdynamique.com

Stéphanie Malo - stephaniemalochanteuse@gmail.com

Joëlle Bourdon - bourdonjoelle@hotmail.com

Laura Godin - laura.godin@outlook.com

3. Info on the EFP Exam

  • When your coach confirms that you are ready for the exam, you will need to register for the EFP exam online at www.estillvoice.com and pay the $25 US fees. Select Julie Cimon Racine as the examiner.
  • Once you have finished the exam, your examiner will confirm successful completion in the Certification Center. You can then pay your $60 US annual subscription fee and print your certificate.
  • The cost of the EFP exam is based on your place of residence. Ask your coach to learn more.


4. EFP Exam Payment (1 hour to 1 ½ hour duration)

Note that as much as possible, this exam will take place in person. A supervisor must be present with you for the exams on line. He/she will be able to save your recordings and make them available to your examiner via Dropbox/WeTransfer or otherwise upon completion of the exam.

Good work!


EMT (Estill Master Trainer)

EMT (Estill Master Trainer)

Prerequisite: completion of Estill Voice Training twice or more and holding an EFP Certificate.

The EMT requires an important commitment from the candidate. Contact Julie Cimon Racine, Estill instructor and mentor with Testing Privileges, for information about her EMT training Program in French, in English and in Portuguese. She will be happy to explain the process and guide you in your reflection.

EMT is a prerequisite for the EMCI Trainer Certificate.

The EMT candidate will be selected based on his/her qualifications and experience in one or more of the following fields:

  • Interpretation/performance (theater/singing)
  • Teaching, coaching
  • Voice therapy

The EMT candidate will earn extra points for being accepted by demonstrating his/her academic level, number of years of experience and presence at Estill Symposiums and other courses presented by other EMCI Trainers.

  • This course is not adapted for recent graduates without experience in the above-mentioned fields. We suggest to EMT apprentices to acquire experience before engaging in the certification process.
  • When submitting your application for EMT, a reference letter from a reknown person in your field is required (clinic, university, college).
  • When the EMT candidate is accepted by the mentor, he/she will sign an agreement letter with him/her confirming having understood and accepted the terms and conditions, and the cost associated with the project. Then, the candidate can become an EMT Apprentice.
  • A person may not be accepted to start the EMT certification process for various reasons including a poor vocal condition preventing him or her from demonstrating the Estill Figures and Qualities.


Expected skills from the EMT upon completion of certification :

  • Demonstration of strong interpersonal skills;
  • Development of an excellent knowledge of the EVT Model;
  • Execution of the Figures and Qualities with excellence and reliability;
  • Assessment of the needs of the individuals in a group;
  • Conceptualization of the Figures and Qualities in their artistic application.